Johnson’s Baby Powder, Pure Cornstarch, Lavender & Chamomile, 22 Ounce (Pack of 2)

We love babies. And we understand how to help preserve and protect baby soft skin. That’s why Johnson’s Baby Powder with Calming Lavender & Chamomile is designed to gently absorb excess moisture on the skin, helping baby’s skin feel dry, fresh and smooth. Our hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested formula, made with pure cornstarch and scents of lavender and chamomile leaves skin feeling soft while soothing the senses.
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Nikon D5000 – Move Up to a Great DSLR

Nikon actually has two cameras in the “beginning DSLR” category. There is the brand new Nikon D3000 and the older brother, the Nikon D5000.There are a few reasons for an avid point and shoot camera owner to select the Nikon D5000 rather than the D3000.
First, the D5000 has HD video capability. The other model does not have video. DSLR camera manufacturers have just begun to include the video capability in their DSLR cameras. And while the D3000 is a newer release, it does not have video.
Another reason to select the D5000 is the LCD panel, which is an articulating screen. It tilts and swivels to allow you to take photos from awkward positions and still be able to see the image before you snap the shutter.
Yet another advantage of the D5000 is “Live View”. This is a feature that is common to point and shoot cameras, but it is not available on all DSLRs… yet. Live View is simply being able to see the image on the LCD panel without having to look through the Viewfinder. You can also select creative scene modes while using Live View – another advantage not available on the D3000.
Finally, the image sensor is larger on the Nikon D5000. It sports a 12.3 megapixel sensor as opposed to a 10 megapixel sensor on its younger brother.
There are other differences between these two cameras, but the ones listed will probably be more of interest to current point and shoot owners who are making the move up to their first DSLR.

The one advantage of the D3000 is price. There is about a $130 price difference between the two cameras. They both take the same quality image, and both are capable of interchangeable lenses, so if the factors mentioned are not enough to convince you that the Nikon D5000 is worth the extra $$$, then by all means get the Nikon D3000.

2001 Suzuki TL 1000 R Rear Final Drive Gear Assembly

2001 Suzuki TL 1000 R Rear Final Drive Gear Assembly

The Rear Gear Assembly connects the Drive Shaft to the Rear Wheel Hub to drive the Rear Wheel. This part is sometimes called a Rear Chunk or Pumpkin. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Rear Gear Assembly will be clean and in good condition. It will operate smoothly and correctly. All used Rear Gear Assemblies are thoroughly tested before being placed into inventory. Due to the location of this component on the bike, cosmetic blemishes are considered normal wear. Slip-fit drive shafts are not included with a used Rear Gear Assembly.

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New Nipple Clamps Clit Clamps Set with Metal Chains

Nipple clamps&clit clamps with metal chain. 12″ chain between two nipple clamps while 17″ chain linked to the clit clamp. The amount of pressure is adjustable with the screws so they will be very comfortable and erotic. There is a purple velvet pouch as gift for you so it will be easy to collect.
Material: Steel,Rubber
Package include:
1 x nipple clamps set;
1 x PP bag;
1 x purple velvet pouch.
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Unilution 75009-Pink Rotating Magic Mop and Spin Dry Bucket with 2 Mop Heads

No need to get your hands dirty with this revolutionary mop and bucket set. The specially designed bucket includes a wringer that removes nearly 100% of the water from the mop head. The circular mop head cleans evenly with little effort and gets into corners with ease. It can be used for residential or commercial cleaning; so easy, it can be used with one hand. The two piece mop handle easily snaps together and the mop head attaches with a twist. When finished, the mop handle can break down for space saving storage and the extra mop head conveniently stores in the side of the bucket, ready for the next use. The magic mop and bucket is mopping made easy.
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DavisMAX 2X Telephoto Lens with 3 Piece Filter Kit and Tripod Bundle for Canon 58mm Camcorders

Affordable DavisMAX 2X Telephoto Lens with 3 Piece Filter Kit and Tripod Bundle for Canon 58mm Camcorders

  • 58mm 2X Telephoto Lens W/Carry Pouch and Caps
  • 58mm 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV,CPL,FD) W/Hard Case
  • Full Size 50″ Tripod W/Carry Bag
  • Mini Table Top Tripod + Pack of LCD Screen Protectors + Lens/LCD Maintenance Cleaning Kit
  • (See Product Description For More Details)

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This DavisMAX Bundle Includes:

1- 58mm 2x Telephoto Lens W/ Pouch and Caps (More Zoom is better!)

1- 58mm 3 Piece Filter Kit Includes: UV, Circular Polarizer and Flourescent Filter and Hard Case

1- Full Size 50″ Tripod W/Carry Bag (Keep it Steady!)

1- Pack of LCD Screen Protectors (Protect your LCD!)

1- Lens/LCD Cleaning Kit

1- Mini Table Top Tripod

Compatible Camcorders

Canon Vixia HF-S10

Canon Vixia HF-S11

Canon Vixia HF-S20

Canon Vixia HF-S21

Canon Vixia HF-S30

Canon Vixia HF-S100

Canon Vixia HF-S200

Canon GL2

As well as other 58mm Compatible Camcorders.

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DavisMAX 2X Telephoto Lens with 3 Piece Filter Kit and Tripod Bundle for Canon 58mm Camcorders